IP legal experts with decades of experience partnering entrepreneurs, emerging companies and other innovators in protecting a broad range of technologies

IP Counseling and Strategy

We analyze business models and assist in determining what intellectual property is important to the business’ short term or long term success, how it can be protected, and where protection should be obtained. We have worked with many diverse technologies, enabling us to bring a broad perspective in evaluating business ventures.

Patent Protection

We have extensive hands-on experience in drafting and prosecuting to allowance patent applications that provide clients with meaningful protection. Our creativity and honed legal skills, as well as our wide technical knowledge, enable us to craft broad patent claims and robust specifications.

Trademark Protection

We counsel clients in protecting their brand, and routinely file and prosecution U.S. and foreign applications for marks, logos, slogans, designs, images and videos associated with their products and services.

Freedom to Operate Analyses

We are skilled at guiding clients with respect to the patents, trademarks, trade secrets and intellectual property of others so as to ensure our client’s freedom to operate their business.

IP Portfolio Evaluation and Diligence

We work with companies and investors in auditing and evaluating patent and trademark portfolios to assess the breadth, depth and quality of protection, to compare the portfolio to product and service offerings of the company’s business, as well as the business of competitors, and to determine where additional protection may be desirable.

Infringement Analyses

Our clients value our judgment and professionalism in evaluating infringement claims of others, as well as possible infringements by others.


We advise and represent clients in examining and in-licensing critical or desirable technologies and patents of others, and monetizing their intellectual property through licenses and joint ventures with others.